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There may not be an industry that thrives off people searching online for help more than the tree service industry. Whether it’s because a storm knocked a tree down, a hazardous tree needs to be taken down before it falls, the branches on the trees in the front yard are getting out of control, or a number of other reasons, the first place people turn to when in need of tree services is… the internet. If you are an arborist running a tree service business and you don’t have a website that shows up in Google search results for the services that you specialize in, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

But don’t worry – opportunity is a great thing. And as a tree service with the opportunity to improve the way it is currently represented online, now is the perfect time to take advantage. Tree service companies that have a modern, aesthetically pleasing website with local search engine optimization (Local SEO) best practices in place are the tree services that dominate their local markets and consistently get phone calls about new jobs on a regular basis. A website that routinely generates new leads is a massive asset for any arborist and tree service provider.

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What is Local SEO for Tree Service Companies?

Local SEO is the process of implementing best practices on your website and everywhere your business information is located online to make your business discoverable in location-specific online search results for the services that you provide. Or simply put, it’s the process of getting your business to show up online when people search for your services. Implementing Local SEO begins with identifying keywords for your business, and then writing content and structuring your website appropriately around these keywords. Keywords are terms that people use when searching online for the services that your business provides.

At Reach One Local, we have successfully worked with 60+ tree service providers over the last few years to help them reach the top of page one in Google search results for their specific keywords. While keywords may vary from business to business depending on what services each specializes in, here are a few examples of commonly desired keywords to target based on tree service providers that our team has previously worked with:

Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Stump Removal

Tree Pruning

Tree Care

Emergency Tree Removal

Once your keywords are identified, the process of writing the content begins. If you have an existing website, you can overhaul your current content as needed so that it is optimized around your keywords. If you’re building a new website from scratch, you will want to write 100% original content for your website optimized around your keywords. The process of writing content about tree services for SEO purposes is not rocket science, but it does take a bit of practice. SEO is no longer about including your keyword a specific number of times throughout your content. We have moved into an age where search engines are able to understand website content at an advanced level. Today, SEO for tree services is all about writing your content in a well-crafted, thoroughly researched and educated manner in an effort to provide helpful content to users and earn the trust of search engines so that they recognize your business as an expert in its field. Once the content is written, it’s then time to build (or revamp) the website and optimize all the technical aspects, such as the title tags, meta descriptions, H tags, and alt text. To learn more about optimizing the content and technical aspects of your tree service website, read our blog post called What is Local SEO?

Tree Removal SEO

Tree removal is one of the most common services that tree care companies provide. Whether it be emergency tree removal or hazardous tree removal, ranking at the top of Google search results is instrumental in generating online leads and phone calls for tree service providers. This means that optimizing a website with best SEO practices for tree removal services is a priority for most tree care providers.

Tree Removal SEO is Search Engine Optimization for tree removal services. Like what’s needed to implement best SEO practices for all other desired tree services, to optimize a website for tree removal services there needs to be a dedicated tree removal page on the website. Additionally, the Google Business Profile and other directory listings should mention that the business provides tree removal services.

To further optimize for tree removal services, include a link from the homepage to the dedicated tree removal page. Also include links to the page elsewhere throughout the site where it makes sense, including on other service pages, the about page, and blog posts. Be sure all published content on the website is informative, well written and easily readable. Content should always be written with the user’s experience in mind.

Optimize Your Google Business Profile & Online Directory Listings

When your website is complete, there are two key components of a successful tree service SEO campaign remaining: a Google Business Profile (GBP), and online directory listings. A GBP is a profile on Google that allows businesses to appear on Google maps and in the top three local search results (called the “local map pack”). Like with a website, there are specific areas and best practices to follow to properly optimize your GBP so that it will appear atop the search results. All small businesses – especially tree service companies – should have an optimized Google Business Profile. To learn more about optimizing a GBP for your tree service business, read our blog post on Google Business Profile Best Practices.

Online directory listings are like online phonebooks. They contain information for local businesses so that people can search for businesses and easily contact them. Examples of popular online directory listings include Yelp, Yellowpages, HomeAdvisor,, local chambers of commerce, and much more. These are vital to a successful tree service SEO campaign because when Google’s algorithm looks for your business information, it doesn’t just look at your website, it looks like everywhere it’s listed online. And the more places it is listed accurately, the better. Learn more in our blog post about How to Optimize Directory Listings.

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3 Tree Service Website Design Options

There are really just three options when it comes to building a website for a tree service business. Which option is best for you largely depends on how much time you have, how much knowledge of website design (and Local SEO) you have, and how much you truly wish to have your website generate leads for your business. If you know your answers to these three questions, then you are in a good position to make a decision on which website design option will be best for your tree service. The three options are:

  • Use a DIY website design tool. There are several DIY website design tools out there, ranging from tools with limitations like Wix and Squarespace, to more complex but more capable tools like WordPress. All these DIY website design tools – called content management systems (CMSs) – allow users to build websites without knowing how to code (though coding knowledge does allow the freedom to do more). This is the most cost-effective option of the three and may be the best choice if cost is a concern, time is not much of a constraint, and you have prior experience or knowledge of DIY website design.
  • Hire a Website Designer. Hiring a professional website designer will cost more than going the DIY route, but it will save you incredible amounts of time and headaches while ensuring that the website professionally represents your tree service business. The missing piece with a traditional website designer, however, is often SEO knowledge. While many designers will have basic technical SEO knowledge, a successful SEO campaign needs an organized strategy, robust content, optimized GMB and directories, and more. If a professional website is the goal, and lead generation is not a concern, then this may be your best option.
  • Hire a Website Design & Local SEO Expert. When a website designer has expert SEO knowledge, the sky is the limit. Building a website for an arborist or tree service business with best SEO practices in place from the start of the build and throughout the duration is incredibly impactful for maximizing the SEO potential of the website. If the goal for your website is to generate more phone calls, more leads, and more jobs, then this is the best option for your business.

Websites We Have Recently Built for Tree Service Companies

At Reach One Local, we take pride in serving each one of our clients, and we are proud of the work and results we are able to deliver to them on a regular basis. Here are a few examples of tree service websites we have recently built for past and current clients:

Graphic showing example of a website for a tree service company
Graphic showing another example of a website built by Reach One Local for a tree service company

We have helped dozens of arborists and tree service companies reach the top of Google search results in their cities and surrounding areas. If you are ready to take your tree service business to the next level, receive a free quote by filling out the form below, or email us today at to learn more about what website design and Local SEO can do to help you land new jobs and dominate your competition.

For information on other industries and professions that we specialize in helping to build state-of-the-art websites designed to dominate their local search results, visit our client industries page here.

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