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Convert More Customers with Expert Targeted Advertising

It can be easy to waste money on online advertising. Simply creating an advertisement, no matter how beautiful the creative or how clever the copy is, will do little to produce a justifiable return on investment. But time and time again, small businesses and startups will run Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram advertising campaigns with minimal strategy in place and be disappointed when their ads yield little to no results.

But when proper audience targeting is applied, online advertising can be a gamechanger. Targeted online advertising allows businesses to serve ads to specific audiences. These audiences can be defined by several varying factors, including interests, demographics, online behaviors, consumer preferences, and so much more. Businesses that implement strategic targeted advertising campaigns into their online marketing efforts are the ones that realize ROIs that meet and exceed their expectations.

At Reach One Local, we help small-to-medium sized businesses and startup companies to implement targeted online advertising campaigns that integrate with their existing online marketing strategies and help them achieve results that can take their business to the next level. We specialize in targeted advertising across four primary channels:

“Reach One Local ran a targeted advertising campaign & our inbound leads increased by over 600%. I highly recommend their services to any business looking to grow its customer or client base.”

– Owner & Accountant, Accounting Firm in Florida

“We implemented a campaign of integrated targeted ads on Google & LinkedIn, and the amount of qualified leads we generated on a weekly basis skyrocketed.”

– Owner, Tech Startup Company

“As someone who had lost money in online advertising in the past, I was skeptical. But Reach One Local’s approach to targeted advertising helped me generate website sales almost immediately.”

– Ecommerce Business Owner

Google & YouTube Ads

There are three key types of Google Ads: Google Search Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), Google Display Ads, and YouTube Ads.

  • Google Search Ads are a powerful form of advertising to reach consumers at their exact moment of need. A well implemented Google Search Ad campaign allows businesses to appear at the top of Google search results for queries and keywords entered by consumers looking for help with specific products or services.
  • Google Display Ads are a great method for businesses looking to promote brand awareness. Display ads are typically in the form of images or graphics that are eligible to be displayed to consumers as they browse millions of websites across the internet.
  • YouTube Ads: YouTube, owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, is the second largest social media platform on the internet. It’s a perfect environment to advertise products and services with video content. When effective audience targeting is utilized within YouTube Ads, businesses can promote captivating video content to viewers that are most likely to interact with and respond to their message.

Each Google Ad type allows businesses to get granular with the audience which they show their advertisements to by targeting numerous types of demographics and traits including shopping behaviors, household income, geographical location and more.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the social media platform built for professionals. It is also the perfect advertising platform for businesses trying to reach other businesses or trying to reach individuals within specific professions. The LinkedIn advertising platform allows businesses to target advertisements at various audience types, including job titles, education levels, current and past employers, and much more. Additionally, for businesses with past and current customer lists, LinkedIn Ads can import this data and target other LinkedIn users based on characteristics of the customer base.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world, which makes it a great place to reach consumers of all interests and demographics. But just because there is a large pool of people to reach on the platform, doesn’t mean advertisements are guaranteed to succeed. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With the endless amount of people to serve advertisements to, strategically targeting and retargeting specific audiences with forms of content that they best resonate with allows businesses to weed out unqualified consumers and show their advertisements to consumers most likely to engage with and ultimately purchase from them.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is owned by Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms, and its advertising dashboard is one in the same as Facebook’s. The difference lays within the types of users on Facebook vs Instagram. Instagram users typically skew younger than Facebook users. But this is not the end all be all for businesses looking to run targeted advertisements to a younger demographic. Granularly specifying audience targets with things like location, interests, behaviors and much more within Instagram advertising campaigns allows businesses to target their ideal consumers and maximize their ROI.

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