5 Tips for Small Businesses to Optimize Their Online Directories

Directory listings are mentions of business information on online directory websites such as Yelp.com, HomeAdvisor.com, Apple Maps, Google Maps, Foursquare.com, and many more. When Google searches the internet for your business’s information, it doesn’t only look at your website. It looks everywhere you business information appears. Because of this, the more directories your business is listed on with accurate information, the better your business will rank in online search results and the more customers that will find you.

To optimize your online business directory listings to their ultimate potential, use these 5 simple tips and maximize your business’s online presence:

1. Ensure Your NAP Info is Accurate & Matches Your Website

If you are unfamiliar with name, address, and phone (NAP) information as it pertains to online business directory listings, check out our post about what NAP info is and why it matters. But in short, NAP info is your business name, address, and phone number, and it is essential that all three are accurately displayed on your directory listings. If your business information is displayed inaccurately or inconsistently across different directories, this will confuse Google when it tries to find your business information to provide to a searcher. Because of this, Google will move passed your business and show your competition instead.

2. Link to Your Website

Be sure each of your directory listings links to your website. This allows users to easily navigate to your website when they come across your information in online directories, and it also allows Google to easily associate your directory listings with your business’s website. Additionally, there is a small link building benefit when popular and authoritative directory websites feature a profile for your business that links to your website.

3. Add Photos of Your Business, Completed Projects, Products & More

People love to engage with photos, and customers are more likely to trust businesses that regularly share photos with them. Regardless of your industry or practice, share photos when you can that are relevant to your business. Great ideas of types of photos to share include pictures of your office, your employees, projects that you have recently completed, new products you have for sale, or anything else that you would want your customers to see.

4. Engage with Your Customers

On directories that allow for customers to leave reviews, do your best to respond to them – both the positive and negative. The directory platforms like it when their featured businesses interact with customers on their platform, and some directories reward this behavior by favoring those businesses in their search results. Additionally, it’s important to address reviews so you can further delight the happy customers and increase their chance of returning or referring their friends and family, and so you can try to resolve any negative feedback and show future customers that you care about their satisfaction.

5. Fill Out As Much Additional Information As You Can

While the cores of most online directories are relatively similar, they are also all different. The primary differences lay in the interface of the dashboards and listings, and the information that is required to be filled out. Regardless of the directory, the best practice is always to fill out as much business information as completely and accurately as possible. From business descriptions to business hours and more, fill out as much information in each directory listing as you can.

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